The Roadmap

Initial work on the Networked Media Incubator focussed on a common approach to discovery, leading to the IS-04 Discovery and Registration Specification.

Recent activity has concentrated on developing APIs for connection management between networked devices and control of network components. The group has also proposed a model for identification and timing in media streams, and a way of carrying that information within RTP streams.

The following diagram summaries the work so far.

nmos layers.reworked.17Q2

Future work will expand the applicability of NMOS specifications to support a wider type of operations and applications.

It will study practical use of NMOS APIs at scale and recommend how they can be used in secure environments. This is essential for dematerialised working (the end phase of the JT-NM roadmap), which will depend on virtualised and cloud-provisioned resources accessed over the web. We also expect to extend NMOS to support working with more complex types of content and mixed live/file operation.

The diagram below shows the potential future scope for NMOS.